Hello, my name is Olga and I would be honored to SEE YOUR SEXY during our upcoming shoot!


I looked through my emails and gathered the most common questions that my clients asked me. If they don't get answered below, feel free to drop me a line at bookiseesexy(at) gmail.com


I would like to know more about the pricing

Please visit the Pricing Section on my Main Website. It has the most updated Pricing


Is there a deposit and how much?

Yes, there is a $200 deposit to hold a session date and time. It is paid at the time of booking and it can be paid by PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo or Cash. Please let me know which payment type you prefer.


Do you provide location?

No, location fees and arrangements are up to you. I come to the location of your choosing, whether it is a Hotel Suite (most popular option), Outdoor location or your home.

Do your Session Fee /Packages include Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist fee?

I have a wonderful team of make up artists/hair stylists. Their services are paid separately and rates usually start at $150 for the full make-up and hair look. 


How far in advance do I book the Session?

It is always better when you plan in advance. 2-4 weeks in advance bookings are preferred.


I’d like to know how to schedule a session and what’s the soonest date available?

The process is simple. My advise when you inquire about the session is to let me know how soon you would like to set up the shoot, give me options of your days off work and the best time for the session to take place during the day, so I can match both yours and mine availability for the shoot.

Also, what I would need to know from you is whether you would like one of my make-up artists to help you with your make-up and hair.

After we decide on the session date and time, I would need you to complete the $200 Deposit to hold your session time frame.


Do you retouch the images to avoid seeing all the flaws?

First of all, during the session I will try to find poses and set up lighting the way that will suit your body better, I will remind you to suck in the belly, arch your back at all times, I do it to everybody, size 2 or 14, I will twist you to a good stretch (you can cancel the gym class for the session day btw) so your sexy curves will show the best way they can! And after that there comes retouching, I will remove stretchmarks, scars, some expression wrinkles, will even out the skin color throughout your body and face, and exaggerate the hourglass waist line. We are surrounded by fruits of good retouching everywhere, and I truly think every woman deserves it. When editing, I try to remove the flaws while keeping your best features.


Do you provide wardrobe or does the client bring  their own?

Nobody knows your body better than you, right? Bring a suitcase full of outfits and we will help you pick the outfits for your shoot.


Me gustaria mas informacion sobre sus fotografias, siempre e querido tomarme unas fotos sexis

I sort of understand what you are saying there and my name might sound Latin American, but I don’t speak Spanish, I would love to, but I don’t… I speak fluent Russian, Polish and English


Do you do couples boudoir sessions?

Absolutely. I enjoy shooting couple’s sessions, as long as both of you are ready for the session, emotionally. It is the guy, who usually is not ;) . It is the best practice that male is present for the second half of  your boudoir session with additional $200 fee payable in advance.


I am interested in a session with you. Could we work out a deal?

Pricing on my website is set and I find questions like that to be distasteful and inconsiderate of other clients.


How long will it take for my products to be ready?

Since at this time I only provide packages in a digital format, my goal is to deliver your picks asap. WIthin a couple of days or 1 week at most after you pick your images.


I am interested in doing these pictures for my boyfriend, but i am a hefty woman around a size 16-18. Is that a problem?

Not at all. I photographed women of all sizes, skin colors and ages. It is not size or age, it is confidence that counts. Some of my favorite shots are of larger ladies… Why is that? I think that beauty comes from within, and ultimately pictures will show it.


Do you do topless/nude photography? I haven’t seen any on your website…

I encourage women to do topless/nude photos for every session. I believe, that what I am ultimately here to do, is to show off gorgeous You, not your outfits. So for the last outfit I strongly recommend to plan the partial/full nudity. Especially if this is something that she is planning on doing only once. I do not do distasteful photos. Your personal areas are strategically covered by your hands or body position, and are not shown in the pictures, unless you are comfortable with it.

And in consideration of intimate nature of nude photos, I do not include them in my portfolio, unless the private areas are covered.


3 of us are planning to come down to Vegas and decided to do some sexy pictures for ourselves. Is there an option for multiple shorter sessions?

Absolutely, the pricing structure at this time is mixable. So you can combine the shoots, edited image packages to fit your needs.


Is there an outdoor option for your pictures?

Absolutely, I come to the location of your choice. If it's out of Vegas area, there may be a travel/gas surcharge.


I want to bring my friend to the photo session. Is that allowed?

As long as your friend has an encouraging attitude and her/his presence makes you relax and have fun without taking a focus out from the shoot and photographer, and you feel comfortable around her/him in your lingerie, I guess that would be fine. In addition to that: your friend

1. Is quite welcome to be proactive in making you laugh and relax

2. Can’t jump into directing the shoot

3. There are NO point and shoot cameras allowed during the session at any time

4. If you feel intimidated by her/his presence at any time, or feel self conscious about your body in front of her/him, feel free to ask her/him to be in a separate room while shooting.


I truly hope this helps! When you are ready to book your shoot, give me a shout at bookiseesexy(at)gmail.com.